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The name for this training group derives from our first workshop with Denile Hill, where she walked us through setting our "value" for the race and developing a "thought" that aligns with that value in order to drive our actions. Planning for Excellence is what we are doing at Flying Squirrel Adventures in order to achieve our "feeling" of Satisfaction with the Unbridled Women AR. One of the manifestations of our planning is a group for racers and teams who are seeking training resources and opportunities.  Our version of P.E. will hold weekly live training sessions, either online or in person, beginning January 4, 2021, and continuing through June 12, 2021, when we meet for one last session before you and your team toe the starting line of this terrific adventure. In addition to these live training sessions, members will have access to training plans, exercises in mental health and wellness, navigation tools, pro AR tips, home work, and more.  Most importantly, members will be part of a community of adventurous women all planning for excellence together!


  • P.E. Class

    Every month
    Planning for Excellence: from start to finish line

Your $30 monthly membership includes:

1.  Orientation to P.E. Class via Zoom

2.  Live strength & conditioning classes via Zoom every Monday and Thursday evening (~ 1 hour sessions)

3.  One credit per month, which can be redeemed for a 30-minute one-on-one session via Zoom with any one of our three coaches, to talk about your fitness goals, answer your AR questions, or get you mentally prepared for success.  Member credit can also be used to cover registration cost of live training sessions.  Check out our full Calendar of Events here.

4.  Live navigation clinic at General Butler State Park ($30 or one member credit)


5.  Live paddling clinic at Grayson Lake ($30 or one member credit)

6.  Got Dirt Mountain Bike Clinic ($70, member credit may be redeemed for $30 discount)

7.  Connect with classmates through exclusive access to Private Facebook Group (passcode in confirmation e-mail)

Additionally, members have exclusive access to recorded training sessions on these topics:

  • Navigation - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert tutorials

  • Training for Strength & Endurance - Learn how to establish a base and grow from there, how to identify and address imbalances, how to avoid injury through proper escalation of training and recovery time, how to plan for peak performance on race day, and more.

  • Mountain Bike Maintenance & Trailside Repairs - We'll look at essential gear to carry on your bike and keep at the TA, review routine bike maintenance to keep your ride in tip-top shape, and practice emergency trailside repairs, to ensure a mechanical doesn't end your race.

  • Team Culture - This workshop will compare individual values in order to develop a team value for the race, explore team roles, identify potential weaknesses before race day, and strengthen individual commitments to the team.  

* Your subscription will be set to auto-renew each month through June 2021, but you can cancel anytime, for whatever reason. 

Skills clinics

We will hold several skills clinics in the months leading up to the Unbridled Women AR, to ensure you and your team are race ready.  These skills clinics are open to the public, but P.E. Class members enjoy free or reduced entry, as indicated.

Navigation Clinic - led by Stephanie Ross

Saturday, April 10, 2021 | 11 a - 3 p ET

General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton, KY

FREE for P.E. Class Members | $30 for public

Paddling Clinic - led by Denile Hill

Sunday, May 2, 2021 | 11 a - 3 p ET

Grayson Lake State Park, Grayson, KY

FREE for P.E. Class Members | $30 for public

Got Dirt MTB Clinic - led by Olivia Birkenhauer

Saturday, May 22, 2021 | 11 am

Veteran's Park, Lexington, KY

$40 for P.E. Class Members | $70 for public

Register through Got Dirt

sample content

Here's a sample of some of the resources to which you will have access as a member of the P.E. Class:

Weekly Interactive Training Sessions

Access to Experienced & Expert Advice

Race-Specific Training Materials

Training Phase 2 image.png
Training Plan Sample.png

Liv Birkenhauer

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and

Mountain Bike Coach

Find out more about Liv and her Got Dirt MTB Training Camps here.

Denile Hill.png

Denile Hill

Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer

Find out more about Denile and The Whole Human Project here.

Stephanie Ross People Magazine Photo

Stephanie Ross

OUSA Certified Orienteering Coach, Race Diretor

Stephanie has been adventure racing and orienteering since 2002. She founded Flying Squirrel Adventures and The Fig, Kentucky's longest running adventure race.

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