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The name for this training group derives from our first workshop with Denile Hill, where she walked us through setting our "value" for the race and developing a "thought" that aligns with that value in order to drive our actions. Planning for Excellence is what we are doing at Flying Squirrel Adventures in order to achieve our "feeling" of Satisfaction with the Unbridled Women AR. One of the manifestations of our planning is a group for racers and teams who are seeking training resources and opportunities.  Our version of P.E. will hold weekly live training sessions, either online or in person, beginning January 4, 2021, and continuing through June 12, 2021, when we meet for one last session before you and your team toe the starting line of this terrific adventure. In addition to these live training sessions, members will have access to training plans, exercises in mental health and wellness, navigation tools, pro AR tips, home work, and more.  Most importantly, members will be part of a community of adventurous women all planning for excellence together!