gear list - * updated 6.12.21


Individual Gear

  • Headlamp with spare batteries

  • Whistle

  • Knife with minimum 2.5" locking blade

Please also print and bring this USARA waiver with you to check-in.


Team Gear

  • Lighter or other waterproof fire starter

  • Compass

  • Operable cell phone in waterproof container

  • Water purification

  • Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7 or other first aid kit with equivalent contents

  • 1:24,000 plotter (if you intend to get bonus CPs)

  • Marker for plotting (if you intend to get bonus CPs)


Bike Gear

Per racer:

  • Mountain bike (no cyclocross)

  • CPSC certified bike helmet

  • Flashing red rear light

Per team:

  • Spare bike tube

  • Bike multi-tool

  • Bike pump or CO2 inflater

  • Bike lock sufficient to lock all three bikes together


Paddle Gear

We're providing 2-seater canoes, paddles and PFDs.  You may bring a middle seat and stage it at the put-in.  You may also bring your own paddle and PFD, if you prefer, and stage them at the put-in.  Rental paddles will be canoe paddles only.

Click here to see images of the Mohawk canoes you will be paddling.

The following items are prohibited in this race: 

  • GPS-enabled devices

    • However, you may carry a tracking device that does not have a screen or mechanism by which to determine location or distance traveled, without sealing it, and

    • You may carry a tracking device with a screen or mechanism by which to determine location or distance traveled, for purposes of post-race download, but it must be sealed in an opaque bag prior to race start and remain sealed for the duration of the race

  • Pedometers

  • Firearms

  • Maps other than those provided by the race organization

  • Communication devices other than cell phone, which may be used only for photos

  • Motorized means of transport

The following items are allowed:

  • Traditional bike computer that determines distance based on wheel rotation

  • Altimeters that determine elevation based on barometric pressure